My Commonplace Book

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The commonplace book has a long history and deep roots. For hundreds of years, scholars, writers, and thinkers carried what amounts to a scrapbook that they used to compile all of their notes.

Primarily, the notes in my commonplace book will deal with topics of theology and ministry. By thinking in public, instead of keeping these notes closed up, I hope my thoughts here will benefit others. And perhaps, these thoughts will be sharpened as well.

Peoples Next Door

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The Peoples Next Door project is an effort to equip local churches, associations, conventions, and others to discover and engage international people groups in North America. On the website, you will find articles and resources for engaging internationals with the gospel as well as the occasional musing on missions, both domestic and overseas.

Church Renewal

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Revitalization has been a topic for a while, but as the generational turnover and rapid cultural shifts in our nation are occurring, there is a resulting wave of declining churches. The process of replanting steps into that gap. Replanting is often a more radical process than traditional revitalization. It’s the process of relaunching a church with a different identity and structure after a period of intense assessment and reconfiguration.

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