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My name is Keelan Cook. I’m married to Meredith and we have two little kids, Nora and Ezra. We welcomed Ezra into the world on February 16, 2021. I recently took the role of George Liele Director for the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where I also serve on faculty teaching Christian missions.

Before we moved back to Wake Forest, we lived in Houston, TX where I served with the Union Baptist Association as an associate director. I’ve worked overseas as a missionary in a Muslim region of West Africa, and I’ve done a good bit of research on diaspora and urban missions.

I continue to do a lot of research and writing because of my particular ministry assignment, and I regularly pray it is a benefit to the local church. I hope this space provides an easy way to share that work with others and as a source of edification for you. If you want to know more about my current and previous work, feel free to browse my Curriculum Vitae.


You can find me on a handful of social media platforms. Twitter and email are your best shot at getting a quick response from me.. I check both of those regularly. The other platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) I use much less frequently. You may see me post stuff there periodically. If you attempt to contact me at those, it may be weeks before you get a response simply because I may not see it.

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About this Website

This website serves as a tool for pastors, ministers, students, and laypeople alike to be better equipped for that most important task given by Christ to his church. I want all that I do to point to the priority of gospel proclamation among the nations in the mission of the church.

However, this site views that purpose through a wide-angle lens. Future posts may deal with pastoral ministry, theology, church history, current events and cultural exegesis, or even practical advice for students on how to be faithful in their studies. This website will accomplish this in at least three ways:

The Blog

Articles have always been the backbone of this website, and that is not going to change. The site is still equipped with a blog where I plan to continue writing for the church and hopefully incorporating other voices as well along the way. In addition to this new content, this website hosts hundreds of articles I have written over the course of a decade.

I want all of that content to be as accessible as possible, so the new format allows multiple ways to interact with these articles. First, you can find the normal blog feed of articles at, or by clicking on the Blog menu item at the top of the main page. All of the articles are listed there, but this is the best place to follow along with new content. Second, I’ve added an article archive to the website. You can find all of the past articles broken down by year under the Article Collection section on the main page of the website.

The Commonplace Book

In addition to complete articles, I am trying something new on this site by including a live look at many of my research notes with an online commonplace book. On this portion of the site, you can scroll through linked notes of research and smaller, often incomplete notes concerning church and mission. I am hopeful that this experiment serves as another resource in addition to helping me “think in public” along with the input of others.

You can find my commonplace book here: And to read more about what this is, check out the About Page.

Videos and Sermons

Finally, I included a place on this new site to pull together some video content from teaching and preaching opportunities. I often get asked for video content concerning different issues, and I plan to include links to those for others. You can find those at

Thanks for reading!