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A few days ago, I stumbled across an article I want to share with you concerning refugees here in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

Of course, the disaster has made thousands of people in Houston into refugees, in a sense. So many people have been displaced from their homes. The last account I heard reported over 500,000 homes had filed a claim for FEMA assistance. So many have been made refugees in their own city.

However, there is yet another group in this city who were refugees before the storm. Many of those had finally settled in a new home after a years-long journey away from hardship and escape. As many of the newest ones were settling in, chaos occurred for them yet again. This past week, the Huffington Post ran a feature story highlighting the response by refugees in Houston to the disaster.

It’s a piece you will want to read.

How Houston’s Refugees Are Facing Harvey — And Giving Back To The City That Took Them In