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I am real excited about the start of a new initiative here in the missions center at Southeastern. Today, our Center for Great Commission Studies (CGCS) announced a new focus for their website. This new focus will provide quality content for church leaders and lay members alike concerning missions (international and domestic), church planting, urban resources, evangelism and other topics. All of the content will center on helping the local church fulfill its role in Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost.

It is not just a blog.

The CGCS has hosted a blog for years, but this new focus is different. Now, instead of a fairly random sampling of content updating students on trips and various church plants connected to the school, the blog will be home for a global team of missions contributors. This team consists of missions professors and practitioners from around the world. Some are missionaries overseas among unreached peoples and others are leading church planting networks in US urban centers. The CGCS has been working for months behind the scenes to compile this new strategy and enlist the help of some of the best thinkers they could find. The result will be regular content that takes key missiological concepts and makes them practical and applicable for the local church setting.

It is equipping for the local church.

These contributors have a clear emphasis: the local church. The purpose is not to create another academic or theoretical discussion of missions. Many pastors and regular church folk alike have a desire to see their church more involved in the Mission of God but struggle to make that dream come to fruition. While no blog can make that happen, the resources here can provide practical insight to cast such a vision in your church.

Check it out!

You can go over to the CGCS website and check out their announcement. In addition, you have the option to sign up for the Monday Missional Digest. This is a weekly (no more than that!) email that lands in your inbox with a curated selection of articles from both the CGCS and the Peoples Next Door over the last week. Think of it as a summary. The posts are hand-picked as the two or three you should read from the previous week. In order to sign up, look for the box at the top of the right sidebar on their page and enter your email address there.