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Will you be in St. Louis next week for the Southern Baptist Convention? I will, and if you are interested in discovering and engaging people groups in your community, then we should talk.

I will be attending the convention representing Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and, in specific, the Peoples Next Door project. Over the course of the week, my goal is to make myself available for those who are interested in this important work of engaging the nations here in North America. I will have time during the week set aside for personal meetings and consultation at the Southeastern booth in the exhibit hall, and I would love to talk with you about different strategies for diaspora missions.

Below is my tentative availability during the convention:

  • Sunday, June 12 - Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders (SBCAL)
  • Monday, June 13 - Southeastern Booth (11 am - 1 pm)

  • Tuesday, Jun 14 - Southeastern Booth (11 am - 1 pm)**

  • Wednesday, June 15 - Southeastern Booth (10 am - 12 pm)**

Of course, I will be at several other events during the convention, but the above times are ones I have set aside for conversation about the Peoples Next Door project and working with the international peoples here in North America.

If you are interested in meeting, feel free to email me ahead of time at [email protected] or to stop by at one of those listed times above. We have meeting space in our booth, and I would love to hear about your work!