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Tomorrow, I am flying to the Chicago area for a leadership meeting concerning an upcoming summit on refugees. The GC2 summit, as they are calling it, will hopefully provide equipping to Evangelicals so we can have a proper response to the current refugee situation. The event was called by Ed Stetzer, and after seeing the initial response for this leadership meeting, he is claiming it may be the largest meeting of evangelicals in history to discuss and develop an appropriate response to refugees.

Whether that is true or not, Ed is right when he says, “The presence of refugees is one of the more compelling and pressing issues of our day. Across spectrums and opinions, all Christians agree that we should show and share the love of Jesus Christ to refugees and their communities. In these gatherings we hope to provide the framework for Christians and churches to do that most winsomely and with fidelity to God’s word.”

I wanted to point this meeting out to you for three reasons.

First, I would appreciate your prayer as we deliberate tomorrow concerning the upcoming summit and documentation to outline Evangelical belief and response to refugees. The goings-on of this meeting could have significant impact across many denominations, relief organizations, refugee resettlement agencies, and certainly local churches trying to live as the Bible commands. Many different voices will be at this table from a wide array of institutions, denominations, and agencies. There is the potential for good things to happen.

Or, it could turn into yet another meeting where there is talk with no actual fruit. My prayer, and I would hope yours, is that the latter does not happen. This issue is simply too important.

Second, I want to invite you all to consider the upcoming GC2 Summit. I imagine some of the details are still up in the air until it is discussed tomorrow. However, I do know it will be on January 20, 2016 in Wheaton, Ill. If you are remotely interested in this topic, it should be a go-to event for you. You can stay tuned in here for more information in the weeks to come as details get worked out.

Finally, will you help me spread the word? My desire is that we take seriously this God-ordained movement of peoples around the planet. In Acts 17, we are reminded that it is God who determines the times and boundaries of man’s dwelling. God is not surprised by this wave of refugees, and it is no accident either.

Pass along the news of this summit to others. Start talking with people in your church about what your response should be, and make sure you let the Bible inform it.

In the meantime, check out Ed’s announcement and update for the GC2 Summit at Christianity Today. You can also go to the GC2 website, which is now live.