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Periodically on the blog, I dig back into the archives and resurrect old posts from years gone. Today, I’m recalling a post from 2012 that reflects on a trip to New York City. This post deals with loneliness, and I believe it outlines some helpful categories for sharing the gospel in urban centers. I regularly point out the importance of community, both as an essential component of the gospel message and as a deep felt need in our community. The words in this post ring as true today as they did in 2012.

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As I continued to push for conversation, people began to drop their defenses. Shocked that someone actually wanted to talk to them on the subway, a smile would warm their cold expression as they shared about family or work. Others, relieved to find someone who would listen, poured out concerns, worry, and grief. Frequently, what I found under that unapproachable shell was a tender personality guarding itself from the harsh world outside.

Yet, in a place so full of people you cannot turn around without bumping someone, I began to notice a constant refrain. The repeated chorus was one of isolation.



Give it a read:

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