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Somewhere between the end of the pavement and the little village where we were doing our Bible study today, the realization hit me that most people who read this blog really have no idea what I do. Sure, you know that I am a missionary, and you know I am in Africa. However, unless you have been memorizing my posts and reading between the lines, I doubt you have put too many of the details together.

It is high time I rectify this dilemma and share a little about the actual work here. Therefore, the next couple of posts will be dedicated to doing just that. I have been here for over a year now and the work has grown. My plan is to share with you about the different aspects of the work. God is busy in our little corner of the globe, and for those of you who actually pray for our work here, it may be refreshing to get a better picture.

Nestled between a mountain range of sheer rock cliffs to the northeast and low-lying coastal islands to the southwest, is the little town where I live. It is big by the standards of this country, coming in at a whopping 15,000 people. It is also the central town of the region. Think of it as a state capital, because all of the government offices for this region are housed here. However, do not think of nice concrete office buildings or the kind of architecture you usually find in state capitals. Instead, think mud brick houses, dirt paths, and a “downtown” that consists of a open air market made out of shipping containers and stick booths. The town is supposed to receive several hours of electricity daily but rarely does.

The town is home to several schools, a large advantage over most of the surrounding towns and villages. A student can get an education all the way through high school here. Because of that, thousands of students pour into the town every year from outlying villages so that they can receive an education. Totaling around 3500 students, they will stay with relatives for the school year and travel back out to their village during the three month break.

This is where we base our ministry. Most of our work is planned here, and much of it is actually executed here. There is a small core of believers here that have a church. We worship with them and work with them to reach out to the other villages and the people of this community.

As you pray for our work, please remember to pray for this town. Pray for openness as we share the good news of Christ with the people here. Pray for the many students who move into this town each year for studies. Pray for the small church here, that they will grow in their faith and be a city on a hill in this area, so that others may see their good works and glorify our Father.

Next I will share some about the people… more to come.

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