Here’s to you: Christian ska music

Exploding onto the scene with trombones blazing, you gave youth group members everywhere a new way to stick out. If wallet chains and ringer tees with stupid logos were not enough, you added fuel to the “I am weird” fire. Your sound was reminiscent of a brass ensemble getting into a fight with a jaguar. Furthermore, you proved a bugle could indeed be a punk-rock instrument and running around like a mad chicken could be called dancing.

It was you, ska music, who birthed bands with names almost as confusing as their wardrobes. The Supertones and Five Iron Frenzy may sound like old school Nintendo games, but they were much more. They were the voice of a movement, a movement consisting primarily of people without a driver’s license and wax in their hair.

Blasting out the sounds of truth in full brassy bravado, you gave us the vocabulary to valiantly persevere in our faith. It was you who taught us to fight evil with lyrical masterpieces like, “You are the Devil, and the Devil is bad.” Stretching the very boundaries of language, you brought us terms like “Insyderz” and “skantified.”

But alas, like a falling star, you left us as suddenly as you appeared. Rest in peace oh loudest of Christian sub-genres. When Gabriel blows his trumpet, we know you will be right there beside him.

Here’s to you, Christian ska music!

P.S. If you have no clue what this post is about, check out the first one!

One thought on “Here’s to you: Christian ska music

  1. "We play the ska and it makes you feel better" – I may have seen the Supertones in concert more than once…Oh, and actually when I saw the title to this post my first thought was "You are the Devil, and the Devil is bad!"Proud of it or not, I can play the air trumpet with the best of them.


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