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In Acts 17, Paul reminds his listeners at the Areopagus that it is God who determines the periods and boundaries of man, so that they can seek Him and perhaps find Him. God is doing something big, and he is doing it in your town, maybe even your neighborhood, right now. Over the course of 20-30 years, global migration patterns have increased to new highs. More people are moving from country to country than ever before, and many of those peoples are moving to North America. While doors into the hardest-to-reach nations are rapidly closing to missionaries, God is orchestrating a movement of these least reached peoples into the heartland of evangelical Christianity. The least-reached peoples are now in arms reach of your local church. So, the question is… what will you do about it?

The least-reached peoples are now in arms reach of your church.

The Peoples Next Door Project is an effort of the Urban Resource Initiative at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip local churches, associations, conventions, and others to discover and engage international people groups in the North America. This blog serves as the online home for the Peoples Next Door project, a research and equipping initiative for missions in North America. Here you will find articles and resources for engaging internationals with the gospel as well as the occasional musing on missions, both domestic and overseas.

The project is led and maintained by Keelan Cook. Keelan is the associate director of the Union Baptist Association in Houston, TX and an instructor of North American Missiology for Southeastern. You can find out more about Keelan on his personal website.