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Back in February, I wrote about the multi-faceted message of the gospel and its translatability into any culture. Cultures tend to focus on one of three paradigms: guilt (that’s ours), fear, or shame. Right in the pages of the Bible, the gospel speaks to all of these. We just tend to miss it, because we are focused on how the gospel speaks to guilt. But, the gospel is a three-fold message of salvation.

Today, I want to provide you with a great infographic on this issue. This free missiographic from the good folk at gmi.org is a simple but effective resource to visualize the three-fold dynamic and how it relates to the gospel.

Of course, understanding the multi-faceted nature of the gospel sits at the heart of the Peoples Next Door project. The constant call on this website is for local churches across North America to rise up, discover, and engage their new neighbors from across the world. In order to do this, we must realize that culture and worldview are real things, and they color the way we see the world. That means, they color the way we understand the gospel. For the gospel to make sense to people who are very different than us, we need to learn how to “translate” it into their worldview.

So, take a quick gander at this infographic. If you are a church leader or just someone in your church who wants to reach the internationals around you, then use this as a teaching tool with others. It makes a great prompt for discussions about how we share the gospel.

Also, you can find out the home countries of people groups moving into your area and then find those countries on the map provided here to have a sense of their worldview concerning guilt, honor, or shame.

You can download a free PDF copy of this graphic at gmi’s Missiographics’s website. And while you are there, browse through their other graphics. They have a ton, and many of them are very helpful educational tools.