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I rarely push Christian films. Not that I do not like them, some are pretty good, but many are not. That said, I think every, single Christian in the West needs to see this documentary.

Nik and Ruth Ripken are two veteran overseas workers who spent their lives serving the church in persecuted areas. During their time overseas, they traveled the world in search of areas where Christian persecution was the most severe for the purpose of hearing stories and sharing those with the world. They have interviewed hundreds of people and heard countless stories of persecution that should simply crush people. And yet, these stories of persecution are also marked with perseverance. The gospel is more powerful than any man-made threat, and this documentary displays that truth powerfully.

For Christians in the West, it is common to talk about a turn in public opinion as “persecution.” This video puts that whole idea into perspective. In addition, it provides a challenge to Christians where persecution is actually nonexistent. Why, where we have such freedom to talk about the gospel, do we lull ourselves into virtual silence? Watching this documentary causes people to leave asking that question. When the documentary is released, churches will also be able to pick up study materials to help their members process through the concepts in the documentary.

Watch the trailer below, and for the sake of your church and the gospel, be on the lookout for it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BilkOpQyHcA]