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_If you are too much older than I am, this post will probably seem absurd to you. 

If you are too much younger than I am, this will not even make sense.

_But if you who remember being excited about dc Talk’s first album and upset about their last, then this post is for you!

Ahh, the 1990s were an exciting time to be young and a Christian. And due to some recent nostalgia about my experiences at church camp, I have decided to periodically pay tribute to the things that made this decade great.

Here’s to you Christianity of the 90s!

You were a time when life was easier, and standing up for Jesus meant praying over your food in the lunchroom… in front of everyone. You had a style all your own. It was a neon style that slowly faded to grunge plaid as you got older. Ahh, and you marched to the beat of a different drum, a synthesized drum from a Casio keyboard.

For me and my generation, you were the decade when we donned our first Jesus t-shirts and all found out that luv is a verb. You taught us that Australians flying around on fake spaceships singing, “Take me to your leader,” could be cool.

Here are just a few of things that made you so special:

Skits set to Third Day songs As the lights dim, the silence settles over the room. The soft, yet masculine sounds of Mac Powell’s angelic voice begin pumping through the sound system. Black lights flash and soon the congregation is bedazzled by eight floating hands moving rhythmically, reminding us that even though Jesus never swam the deepest ocean, he did walk across the raging seas. The Hands for Jesus drama group has done it again.

During the 90s, the perfect compliment to any worship environment was a pantomime presentation accompanied by the flagship Christian band of the era. After all, what Sunday night youth led service was complete without a dramatic reenactment of “Thief” by Third Day?

The Fifth Quarter As if four quarters were not enough, youth ministers across the country conspired to defy the rules of mathematics and invent a fifth quarter.

The game may be over, but the games had just begun. A virtual carnival of board games, pick up football (two-hand touch of course), and spontaneous NBA Jam tournaments could be found at any number of churches during high school football season.

Skip the field party, and join the Jesus party!

WWJD Bracelets First, the world gave us slap bracelets, mood rings, and MC Hammer pants. But then, Christianity answered back with the WWJD bracelet. Adorning the wrist of every warm-blooded youth group member, these little dandies said, “I am a Christian… with style.”

A constant sentinel to watch over our lives, these little bands stepped in whenever there was trouble, reminding us to always ask, “What would Jesus do?”

  • Forget your homework and need to copy off of someone? What would Jesus do?
  • Should I sneak an extra cookie in the lunch line? What would Jesus do?
  • Kenny is just asking for another wedgie… What would Jesus do?
  • Do I buy the blue Trapper Keeper or the red one? What would Jesus do?

Thank you WWJD bracelet, we are indebted.

Here’s to you Christianity of the 90s!

**Bonus points to the one who recognizes the song lyrics sprinkled through the post.

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